Water Landscaping

Uckfield Phase 1

Clearing and reinstating an existing large overgrown pond, including the formation of a new planting shelf with boulders. A straight drainage ditch was replaced with a meandering stream, some 80 meters in length. This was created by using liners, but ensuring no liner material could actually be seen. This allowed for the creation of a very natural looking stream. Large boulders were used to for visual impact. The water flow was enhanced by the installation of a powerful pump and helped to create a series of small waterfalls along the length of the stream.

Uckfield Phase 2

An existing large pond and straight drainage ditch were cleared of reeds and vegetation. A series of large ponds were then formed over the length of the stream, approximately 130 m in total. By disguising all liner material, a completely natural looking feature was created. Two powerful pumps were installed to encourage a dramatic flow of water over large boulder cascades.


A modern large pond situated next to a new luxury house. The edges of the pond were finished with an aluminium edge to reflect the modern feel of the house. The pond was completed with a full planting scheme and stocked with fish.


A large kidney shape pond was created with an overhanging circular deck. 2 large pumps were installed to maximise water circulation, with the oulet directly underneath the outer edge of the deck. The pond was extensively planted and also stocked with fish. A summer house was then installed to complete the deck.

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